Curriculum Vitae

My name is Juan Jose Gimenez, I have always been interested in the meaning and form of objects - in how and why they were made. These concepts inspired me.

When I was a child, I was initially interested in how things were built in general, and how software made them work in particular.

Later on, without even realizing it, I began to understand how things worked by building them myself.

As time went by, that curiosity shifted to the human body. That is when I decided to study nursing.

After I graduated, I used both disciplines to develop new challenges and projects.


January 2010 - Present

Freelance Programer
Web design and Web App development for business.

  • Personilized back and front-end

August 2005 - May 2009

Bit Informática, Sagunto, Valencia.

  • Management and monitoring software development and web design.
  • Maintenance and support to the final customer.
  • Service Support.
  • Márketing and advertising.

August 2005 - May 2007

Web designer and programmer
MBD Informática.

  • Web design and development.


September 2010 - July 2014

BSc Nursing degree.

  • CEU, Valencia (España).

September 2009 - July 2011

Bachelor (Hons) Degree in IT Engineering.

  • CESINE, Santander (España).

September 2001 - July 2002

Postgraduate in Internet and Data Base technologies.

  • ESI, Valencia (España).

September 1998 - July 2001

HND Information Technology.

  • ESI, Valencia (España).

Projects and Publications

  • Project of a computer application for the safety of the patient in operating theatres.
  • Development of an online store (e-comerce).
  • Project of a web application, for private texting one to one.
  • Co-author of: "Conceptos de enfermería clínica: Neurología y Neurocirugía" (ISBN:978-84-940892-4-4)